Stand Up Appearances

I perform stand up comedy. I would love if you came out to one of my shows and introduced yourself. I would also love if you came to all of them, forcing me to take out a restraining order against you.



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Stand Up Bio

Mike Rainey is a chubby gentleman who enjoys making people laugh. He performs regularly in the Philadelphia area.

Stand-up Videos

9 comments on “Stand Up Appearances

  1. I just wanted to take a min out of my day to say you are hilarious! I just got introduces to your site this morning and I’ve read threw several of tour blogs and just watched the video you have posted, and am gonna search YouTube for more in one sec, but just wanted to tell you that I think your crazy funny, you genuinely seem to be a good guy with his head on straight, and I just wish you all the success you deserve man!!

    • I really appreciate this. Thank you, Cole.

  2. Please forgive my typos! Im typing fast on my phone and didnt see them till after I hit post of course:( so bad

  3. Saw you for the first time last night @ Helium. I look forward to coming out to see your act in the future. I enjoy the blog.

    • Thank you, Kerry. Did you enjoy the show?

  4. I just spent the last hour stalking your site. I’m in love!!!! You are beyond hilarious! Thank you!!!

  5. I was just introduced to you by my buddy yesterday who is a captain in the marine corps after I went off on Facebook about wanting to kill Caillou. Your stuff is great. I’m a fan already

    • Thanks, Andy. I appreciate you, sir!

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