A Simple Man

Lately, I’ve really felt disconnected from all three kids. I’ve worked a ton this summer and Jaime and I went on vacation by ourselves, so my time with the kids has been very limited, especially¬†over the past few weeks. So, this morning I decided to take a long walk with them just to pick their brains, catch up, see what’s new with them and just find out what’s been on their minds. Bella slept late, so Olivia and Mikey went with me as we set out on our walk. I was now all theirs and asked them to unload a summer’s worth of thoughts onto me.

Olivia spoke first. When I asked what things have been on her mind lately, she unleashed a tsunami of kid worries, hopes, fears, and observations. She left no stone unturned when it came to block parties, vacations, going back to school, whether or not Jaime and I would ever get married, the neighbor’s dog, Toy Story, getting her band back together, VIP passes for her band’s performances and the work schedules of Jaime and I. By the time she finished, I felt like I had just given birth to a litter of bull mastiffs after wrestling Gabourey Sidibe. I tried to digest everything I had just heard, then I felt like I owed it to my little guy to ask him what was on his mind and give him the same amount of listening that I had just given his sister.

After a few breaths, I asked Mikey the same question. “So Mike. What’s been on your mind this summer?” He replied, “I want Mario Kart.”

A simple man. Lynyrd Skynyrd would be proud.

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